Challenge Coins – Great Thing to Get Into

Challenge coins collections is a leisure pursuit with mounting fame these days. Because of its development (quantity & quality wise) it’s now also becoming a blend of fun & excitement kind of hobby – and an investment ultimately as well.

By the way, Challenge coins or military coins (original term) for the sake of the newbie, are dog tags (if you will) to recognize a particular soldier’s identification, unit, rank, etc. -way back in the world war ages given as an award or medal for a particular extraordinary service or what-have-you (medal of valor, patriotism, etc…).

But there came a time when several award-giving bodies & institutions all over the globe adopted these coins that is why these were no longer used for military only but as a sign of respect or gratitude for someone’s achievement/s or as a tribute mark to anything that is of importance. That is why we have the custom challenge coins crafted by craftsmen to match the requirements and purposes of institutions.

By this time, there are tons of these challenge coins with various styles, designs, significance, etc., so if you like to jump on this bandwagon of challenge coins collections better narrow down your choices or categories so you’ll not be overwhelmed by the enormous choices you’ll be facing.

If the military field interests you, then it is much better to specialize in one particular area like air force, marines, coast guards, etc. arrange your collection.

Now, because these challenge coins is special in their own rights and attaining them have different regulations, they are more coveted & esteemed than anything else, stirring you to seek and cherish the true essence of military coins or custom challenge coins.

Buying or trading from various people or institutions that have acquired it or are offering it. Now, you can’t just be a member of all institutions just so you could gain them, so why not just consider buying or trading from several people or institutions that have attained it. It is much more effortless for you to buy or barter from various people or institutions that have acquired it than earning them by becoming an institution’s member.} Also in regards to it as being an investment – you should consider collecting those which are minted from pure gold or silver (though much more expensive than ordinary minted metals, but as we all very well know, things made of these valued metals are valued more in regards to importance & monetary value as time passes by) ?that way, when the going gets tough you can trade these coins with ease.

So if you want to be informed about this diversion check this website which happens to be a one-stop-shop when it comes to military coins or custom challenge coins. Gettting in touch with them will enable you to establish a personal relationship causing a much more fun & exciting challenge coins collection hobby for the rest of your life.


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